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The Gardener’s Center and Florist is now carrying Lyric Wild Birdseed. Lyric contains only the finest and freshest ingredients. They have been scientifically tested, developed and marketed to appeal to a wide variety of birds..In addition, they’re free of filler and waste.

Feed: Summer is upon us and when it comes to our feathered friends we can still feed the birds on a regular basis. There are many song birds that migrate to our area this time of year.  Instead of just nut mixes and sunflower kernels, try using thistle seed found in nyjer blends that attract yellow and red finches. The beautiful Golden Finch loves feeding on thistle as do Redpolls, Pine Siskins, and Purple Finches.  If you find you have more Blue Jays, Red Chested and Downy Woodpeckers, and Cardinals flocking to your birdfeeders then continue using nut mixes or ‘Lyric Supreme or Fruit and Nut mix’.  These birds prefer the meatier seeds as opposed to the smaller Finch blends. We also have hummingbirds looking for sweet nectar, hang a pretty nectar feeder for them.

Feeders:  If you choose to set out any thistle blends of seed a different feeder is required.  Due to the small size of the seeds they would fall out of your typical seed mix or sunflower seed feeders.  A feeder designed for thistle seed is required.  Most of these feeders are typical tube feeders or a fine wire mesh.  It is unnecessary to utilize a squirrel baffle with these feeders because Squirrels tend not to eat small thistle seeds.

Squirrel Resistant Feeders:  The age old question of “how can I keep Squirrels off of my bird feeders?” is getting closer and closer to being answered with every new generation of Squirrel resistant feeders.  The classic cage feeders are still some of the best with a cage surrounding the tube of the feeder preventing squirrels from reaching the seed.  More new age Squirrel proof feeders consist of the ‘Droll Yankee Flipper, Dipper, and Whipper’ series of feeders.

Accessories:  We also carry a full line of accesories for your bird feeders.  From sheppards hooks and garden poles to Squirrel baffles and sky hooks we can get your feeders mounted or hung.  Hooks, brackets, and extensions all make your feeders easily accessible for refilling and observing.

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